Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A miracle is born

Friday March 31st,a new babe was born 3 weeks early to Merlot. Mom & babe doing well. Preston pictured here is 3 days old. He really had his mom hopping to keep up with him. After all his running around and kicking up his heals he flaked out in the nice warm straw. While mom got a rest and had some nice hay. It was the best day we have had yet. Warm, sunny and perfect for a little foal to kick up his heels. He loved it and so did Merlot. She enjoyed her outing with her son. What a photo shoot. Loved every minute. What a great mom. She nuzzled him, licked him, and when he started running she ran with him. Never apart. A mothers love.
I hope you enjoy looking at these pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them!!

MacKay Equine
Thornton, Ontario
Thank you Megan for a wonderful opportunity to photograph your beautiful mother and foal.

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