Saturday, January 26, 2013

Native dancer

A young girl dances at a celebration.

My younger days 1970

Back in 1970 I owned a big beautiful tennessee walker. He was black with white dappling on his rear. 16.2 HH. A gentle giant that was my best friend. I got on him and road english, western and bare back. We took off and road the back roads of the Mount Albert area.We dabbled in the water sometimes and just had fun. Was not uncommon to wake up and find Ceasar grazing in the field with a deer near by. He was amazing. Those were the days. These shots are old black n white photos taken of me with Ceasar. Some of the best years of my life. In the lower right hand corner I am riding Harley a stable horse in 2004.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Zoo animals

Although we dont always like to think of animals being locked up in a zoo. Truely this is all they know in most cases. And in some cases they may be the only ones left of their species because of man's enchroaching on their habitat,poaching etc.I especially love moms and babes. They are amazing parents. Some of the human species could learn a lot from our wildlife Mom's. And Dad's in some species. They are incredible.

My Pets 2012

Although Christmas is long gone I finally got my own pets done. I lost a couple of my precious pets last year in June and Sept. But I stil have a housefull as you can see. And they give me hours of pleasure. (most of the time),as I chuckle to myself.!!

Friday, January 4, 2013

sheltie pup

Meet Govenor. He is an 8 week old sheltie pup. Loves the snow and was curious about the big brown floppy dog with the hat. Absolutly adorable.


I love photographing kids. They dont worry about the camera and just go about their business of having fun.

Baby Austin,Fall 2012 photo shoot

Had an amazing time doing this photo shoot of a wee babe with his new Mom & Dad. Austin was a very photogenic baby. Had a lot of fun and got creative.

Baby Austin

Baby Austin