Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Malcolm March 19th

Malcolm & I walk every day. He is a real ham. And so photogenic. Got some goofy close ups to. We are really enjoying him.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Meet Malcolm March 3rd and 7th

I met Malcolm on March 1st after doing a puupy photo shoot. March 3rd , my husband & I met Malcolm together and decided that we were going to adopt him. March 7th we brought him home. He is from Pet Country Estate and is 7. He is amazing. Trained to the hilt,oh so friendly and wants to be with you all the time. Has he been loved. Oh yeah. Walks like a dream,so affectionate. He is a pleasure. He was retired from breeding and well we fell in love. Liz said she cant keep them all but when one gets adopted out they must go to a good home hopefully nearby. Malcolm was bathed and lookin good for his special day. Getting lots of loving and attention. Playing in the snow and walks. We lost our Max last Sept. A malimute husky mix. We were not going to get another dog but this was perfect. And we missed our Max. A home that has had a dog or 2 for 22 years was really empty. Anyone looking for a golden retriever puppy. Highly recomment getting one here. They are amazing with their dogs and do everything. Breeding,boarding,training,agility. I do photography for Liz of her pups and moms. Love every minute. It is something I always look forward to in my work. I love my wildlife. But the puppies and their moms or photos with Santa. Well,lets just say I have the better of two worlds now.This photographers dream. Last photo of Mark ,myself and Malcolm is taken by Liz Gordon. Thanks Liz.

Meet Malcom, March 7th,2013

Malcolm, March 8th,2013

Malcolm's second day here was a fun one. We went for a nice walk and played in the snow in the backyard. And when he said thats enough ball. We sat up on the deck in the warm sunshine. He is fitting in so well it is amazing.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Happy St. Patricks Day

Couldnt resist. Happy St. Patricks Day.

Mollie's puppies,March 1st.2013

Meet Mollies pupies. 7 weeks old and full of beans. No words can describe the cutness of these little beings. I love doing these photos shoots and can never get enough of the little balls of fluff. They are soon going to their forever homes. I think I captured them and their antics pretty good. They play hard and pass out. What a life. What sweet little pups. Mom is a real sweetheart to and also camera shy. But in spite of that. I got some great shots of her. Georgeous family.

Mollie, March 1st,2013

Puppy shoot at Pet Country Estate of momma ,Mollie and her 10 7 week old pups was incredible as always. Meet Mollie.