Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Rescued kittens

 With so many kittens being born in the world today. It is such a great story when you here of a kind person taking them in. This lady took one from this litter and later that same day,went back and took the rest. 3 in total and also another older kitten from a different litter. She couldn't bare to leave the others behind. They are beautiful and oh so loved now. It is such a great feeling. They are so innocent and don't deserve to be abandoned ( or worse). And worse is happening all to often out there. So these little ones are going to be okay now. Have a loving and warm home and are becoming indoor kittens. Were they are safe from harms way. All people have to do is be responsible. Have their cats spayed or neutered. Keep them inside. It is all common sense!!  And after all. Aren't they worth it!!!

 Curious as all get out, this little one was checking out my camera gear.
 This little one is 5 months old now. A little ruff on the wee ones just yet. So supervision when they are together is a must. For now they are kept apart. But what a handsome young man.
 Just figured out how to get (on top ) of the bed.  Look at me.!!
 Just enjoyed a nice tasty meal.
 MMMMMMMMMMMMMM,that was good.
   Got any more!!

 Sitting on my camera bag. What a sweetheart.
 Loves being hugged and snuggled.
 Although the toys are way bigger than the kittens. They have a blast with them. And are growing very fast.

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